Halsey Manic Album Download (Zip File)

Halsey Manic Album Download

Halsey Manic Album Download

Halsey has dropped her brand-new album Manic!

The 25-year-old singer shared her latest project with fans on Friday (January 17).

Manic features Halsey‘s previously released tracks “You Should Be Sad,” “Suga’s Interlude,” which features SUGA from BTS, “Finally // beautiful stranger,” “Graveyard,” “Without Me,” and “clementine.”

Listen and download Halsey‘s Manic below!

Halsey Manic Album Tracklist

  1. Ashley
  2. Clementine
  3. Graveyard
  4. You should be sad
  5. Forever … (is a long time)
  6. Dominic’s Interlude
  8. 3am
  9. Without Me
  10. Finally beautiful stranger
  11. Alanis Interlude
  12. killing boys
  13. SUGA’s Interlude
  14. More
  15. Still Learning
  16. 929

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: Halsey – Manic (Zip File)

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